Konstantin is a freelance, independent developer focused on building delightful, people-centred apps and services. His career in technology now spans more than 15 years, encompassing a variety of development, product and architecture roles. He’s an enthusiastic techie, open source maintainer and iOS dev community member.

With a passion for life-long learning, Konstantin uses a wide range of programming languages and data skills. He thrives in environments where he can support others in their efforts to learn and succeed in their own progression.

Konstantin enjoys making reliable and accessible tools for humans on all kinds of platforms. His focus is always set on the people using one's apps - their visual, auditory, and interactive experience.

What I do

  • Development for mobile, desktop, and the web using Swift, Kotlin, Rust, and Elixir.
  • Cross-platform solutions with Kotlin Multiplatform and Tauri.
  • Web development and web experiences using JavaScript, CSS, HTML, and React or Vue... WCAG.
  • It's hard to separate DevOps from development. I like reproducible deployments and love IaC tools or managing my own infrastructure using Docker and Ansible. I have experience using k8s as well, although I try to avoid it.

I love open source and take every opportunity to contribute to tools and projects I like or find useful. I also create and maintain a couple of my own. For example, TootSDK, a Swift library for Mastodon and the fediverse or SwiftyFlags, a list of known Swift compiler flags. Also:

Last but not least, there are all kinds of tiny plugins and libraries that I've made over the years.

Although scattered across the internet, one can still find JSON Escape Unescape: a Nova extension to help work with JSON on iOS or Top Sites Filters: a tiny Firefox extension to help keep certain URLs out of history, Airstrip: Adobe XD extension adding a set of tools to export app icon assets for Apple platforms.