/ˈkɒn.stən.tɪn/: I make infinite loops on mobile and the web.

These days, I split my time between freelancing and working on my own projects. Although I'm a full-stack developer by trade, I like to focus most of my time and creating delightful, human-centered apps and services for iOS and other Swift-powered platforms.

I love open source and take every opportunity to contribute to tools and projects I like or find useful. I also create and maintain a couple of my own. For example, TootSDK, a Swift library for Mastodon and the fediverse or SwiftyFlags, a list of known Swift compiler flags.

There are all kinds of tiny plugins and libraries that I've made and are now scattered across the internet. For example JSON Escape Unescape - a Nova extension to help work with JSON on iOS or Top Sites Filters - a tiny Firefox extension to help keep certain urls out of history, Airstrip - Adobe XD extension adding a set of tools to export app icon assets for iOS, iPadOS, watchOS, CarPlay and tvOS etc.