Drawing of my computer desk where we see an iMac with an open Terminal with Swift code snippets. On the shelf behind we can see programming books for Rust, Swift and JavaScript. The books are arranges vertically next to a small flower pot. The flower has big green leafes. A cup of steaming coffee sits on the desk, to the left of the iMac.

Hi! I'm Konstantin


Thanks for stopping by, you’re awesome πŸ’œ!


Hi. My name is Konstantin. I'm a long-time human in tech from Belgium πŸ‡§πŸ‡ͺ.

Konstantin is a freelance, independent developer focused on building delightful, people-centred apps and services. His career in technology now spans more than 15 years, encompassing a variety of development, product and architecture roles. He’s an enthusiastic techie, open source maintainer and iOS dev community member.

With a passion for life-long learning, Konstantin uses a wide range of programming languages and data skills. He thrives in environments where he can support others in their efforts to learn and succeed in their own progression.

Konstantin enjoys making reliable and accessible tools for humans on all kinds of platforms. His focus is always set on the people using one's apps - their visual, auditory, and interactive experience.

Need a hand with a project? Feel free to reach out and say hello!


I've been a full-stack developer for quite some time and I firmly believe that programming languages are tools, and one can use different combinations of tools depending on the task at hand! Here are the ones I like to use:

  • Development for mobile, desktop and the web using Swift, Kotlin, Rust and Elixir.
  • Cross-platform solutions with Kotlin Multiplatform and Tauri.
  • Web development and web experiences using JavaScript, CSS, HTML and React or Vue... WCAG.
  • It's hard to separate DevOps from development. I like reproducible deployments and love IaC tools or managing my own infrastructure using Docker and Ansible. I have experience using k8s as well, although I try to avoid it.

Here are some recent projects and libraries I've created or helped advance:



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For project inquiries, please reach out via email. To get in touch with me personally, you can find me on Mastodon (@konstantin@social.headbright.eu) or Signal (konstantin.42)

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