Status Update August 2022

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A little bit of this, a little bit of that

As the Belgian weather finally begins to stabilise, I find myself with a few spare hours in the morning to dedicate to writing.

The period since my return from summer holiday has been fairly quiet. To be frank, the 32°C heat significantly hampered my productivity, so this update will be somewhat brief.

Progress on my "super secret" app project is coming along nicely. I anticipate it will be ready for a grand unveiling and proper beta testing in the forthcoming weeks. Notably, this will be the first app I've developed that's powered entirely by self-hosted services, all running on (maybe?).

This marks a significant shift in approach for my side projects. Typically an advocate for "low code" solutions, the emphasis on privacy with this app rendered such options as Firebase or AWS Amplify unsuitable. It's been a challenge to find apps and services genuinely concerned with data privacy without the intent to sell it.

Another exciting pet-project I'm working on is a Rust desktop application for Linux. I'm exploring options for code sharing between the Linux and macOS apps. Still, it doesn't seem to be a high priority at the moment. On a happy note, switching between Rust and Swift is relatively straightforward, and it's rewarding to use similar mental models for both languages.