Preparing for Toolbox V2

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We're retiring surveys as they will soon be part of the Feedback Toolbox

You're probably wondering what's been going on with Feedbackbulb over the last couple of months as we haven't posted a great many updates on the socials.

The truth is, we've been hard at work on refining Toolbox v2 - the next major iteration of Feedbackbulb.

Toolbox v2 brings several improvements to how feedback widgets can be integrated into apps, making it even easier to get started. We're also making adjustments to the way we retain feedback to make it possible for you to self-host and control data end-to-end - our goal is that we're no longer a centralized silo for feedback.

We are retiring surveys

While we're going to share more about Toolbox v2, the main takeaway of this post is that surveys are being retired. As of 15 May 2024, it will no longer be possible to access the feature from the Feedbackbulb dashboard.

What this means for you is that if you're an existing Feedbackbulb user, you should not start new survey campaigns and ensure that you have downloaded all your historical data.

If you had enabled synchronization with HubSpot or other automations, they will just stop processing new survey responses. Existing data already submitted to external channels will remain intact.